Mummy & Her Baby

Mummybebe was created to represent the bond between mother and child, a bond which lasts a lifetime.

Pastel shades of blue were picked to suit both boys and girls. The alphabets ‘umm’ are inked in a lighter shade and if you change the position of ‘u’ with the first ‘m’, it would turn out to be ‘mum’. The rest of the text was coloured in a darker pastel blue for them to stand out as ‘mybebe’, signifying how a mother would affectionately call her baby.

The font type was created neat and crisp to portray a confident, timeless and classy look, with some curves to exude a versatile and creative feel, just like how mothers would want their children to grow up to be.

The curved line from the alphabet ‘y’ was deliberately drawn this way with two definitions in mind: A smiling face, and A baby’s cord linked to the mother – meaning they are always strongly connected. Such strong bonding makes both mother and child happy, and smile.

The apostrophes above the letters ‘e’ were drawn straight for a trendy look and feel. In a nutshell, mummybebe is all about happy life, happy living for mummies, babies and their families.