Baby Brain Development

Ways to Boost Brain Development for Babies through Daily Lives

1) Colorful Visual Stimulation
As babies grow, their sight is developing slowly. Having a colourful mat or hanging mobile in their cot, where they can see them easily helps them discover the amazing colours. Using colorful alphabet mats, you can also teach them about the different colours, alphabets and it can be rewarding also forming a close bonding between you and your baby.

2) Educational Toys
Encourage motor skills and strengthening them as they by get their little fingers to grip, control and hold things better.

3) Play Games & Exercise
When they move their muscles and exercise, your babies grow and become more equiped to using them while they enjoy the session.

4) Sing Together
Sing Together and have fun during Bathing Time. This teaches rhythmn and helps them develop aural skill.

5) Read Together
Reading together increases reading proficiency, literacy and self- confidence as a result. It also enhances the family’s bonding.

6) Discover Outdoors Together
Showing and exploring the outdoor world together promotes awareness of the vast world surounding them. Share new sights, sounds, smell and touch with your baby.

7) Teach Cause and Effect through Play
By pressing some buttons on toys, there will be sound or lights generated. This teach the babies when they do certain things, they will get these results. This teaches them from young that every action has a reaction and what they do, matters.

All these simple things we do in our babies’ lives, teaches them more about the world they live in and stimulate their brains development. Simply involving the above methods in our daily lives with them will create learning milestones and help them develop skills in their formative years.

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