Baby Care Tips

Babies activities are mostly limited to 4 main areas: Sleep, Eat, Play and Poop.

In order to better care for them, here are some simple tips we need to watch out for:


Newborns spend about 16-18 hours almost 75% of their time sleeping, waking up for feeds.

This is so that their body can rest and grow steadily. Babies’ sleep will get lesser as they grows older.

What to watch out for:

  1. Temperature and Condition of Room
    Ensure that the temperature is not too warm or cold as your baby adjust to the environment.
    It is best to make sure there is no insect or mosquitoes that could irritate your baby’s body.
  2. Sound
    Though most babies sleep easily, it is recommended to have a room that does not have too much noise and disturbance.
  3. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by letting babies sleep on the back rather than on their stomach or side.
  4. Clean and Comfortable Mattress
    Providing a hygienic, anti- dust mite, hypoallergenic bedding set and mattress add comfort to your baby’s rest.

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Breast or formula milk provides all the nourishment your newborn needs.

When your baby reach about 4 months and shows sign of readiness, you can start with semi- solid food coupled with breast- feeding or formula milk.

You can begin with an iron-fortified cereal, such as oatmeal or rice. By about 6 months, you can introduce pureed vegetables or fruit and look at various sources of nutrients for consumption.

Prop baby up in a high chair and let your baby sit with the family at meal time and enjoy bonding together.

It is important to note that good eating habits start early. Let your baby get used to the process of eating – from sitting up, eating from a spoon, chewing slowly and stopping when full. This experience will help your child cultivate good eating habits throughout life.


Through play, your baby develop motor- skills essential for growing and cognitive and sensory development.

Expose your baby to various toys by touching, listening or playing with them.

As babies’ sight begin to develop and see the full spectrum of colours by the third month, introduce colourful play mat or hanging mobile.

So that when they crawl or lie down, they can observe and be stimulated by these visuals.


Some babies cry when they poop. It may be just discomfort and not constipation or excessive gas in the stomach.

However, if the cries are high- pitched and inconsolable, and upon checking, finding the stool is hard, it is always advisable to consult a pediatrician.

Baby’s skin is highly delicate, so always ensure you keep the buttocks of baby clean and wipe some nappy cream thinly and evenly after they have pooped, to avoid diaper rash.


The hygiene of the babies depend essentially on the care-taker.

From bathing, trimming of nails, checking the umbilical cord stump to be clean and dry and ensuring there is no nappy rush are important observations for any baby’s well- being.

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