Jellymom Wise Chair

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Jellymom Wise Chair
Stylish, Practical and Multi-usage.


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Jellymom Premium Seat

Premium Seat is a premium model of Jellymom Seat which is suitable for special babies.


Stylish Curve Design

Soft and edge curve line of Jellymom Premium keeps your baby gorgeous.

 – Safety 5 System

Safety 5 System considered focusing on safety of baby. Seatbelts, floor stopper, antibacterial soft seat and stable structure will protect your baby safe from risks.

Product Information

– Tray made from Urethane that is harmless in human body

– Soft and cozy Cushion made with Poly Urethane which is able to guard from 99% of bacteria’s by special coating

– Each Cushion is detachable and attachable
– Detachable Headrest cushion

– Y type safety belt offers prevention of danger of escaping or falling from the seat.


3 ~ 5 months : Safety Seat

Headrest + Soft Cushion + Basic Seat

Removable headrest will support your baby’s neck.

6 ~ 12 months : Weaning Seat
Tray + Soft Cushion + Basic Seat

Removable tray will help feed a baby food

1 ~ 2 years : Play Seat
Soft Cushion + Basic Seat

Convenient like Sofa, Portable Chair

3 ~ 5 years : Booster Seat
Booster Cushion + Basic Seat
When your baby grows up, the seat can be used as Booster Seat. Put the seat on a dining table chair and have a meal with family

 6 Colour Options:

Scarlet Pink 

Lala Blossom 

Ocean Blue


Muted Gray

Bluish Green 

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 40 cm

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