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Bubba Blue 2 Pack Pram Clips – Unisex

Introducing our range of Bubba Blue Pram Clips. 
A unique versatile range of clips designed to secure 
your Muslins to your pram, stroller or baby capsule, 
keeping Muslins in place when breastfeeding, 
or securing toys when out and about.


1 in stock

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Bubba Blue Pram Clips are perfect for: 

  • Securing a Muslin Swaddle to a pram or stroller to protect against the elements
  • Securing a Muslin Swaddle to a pram, stroller or baby capsule fro rest time when out & about
  • Securing a Muslin swaddle in place for privacy when breast feeding
  • Securing toys when out and about

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Dimensions 8 × 11 × 5.5 cm


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